John Blanchard

December 14, 2012 | By More

John Blanchard’s graying hair, grown children, and job title as UNC’s Senior Associate Director of Athletics suggest a man of responsibility and mature years.  Three decades ago, when Blanchard first arrived in Chapel Hill from San Diego, CA, he was a newly married young man with a recently acquired social work degree, looking for a job.  He felt thankful when he was chosen as the first executive director of the fledgling Volunteers for Youth organization.  Although he went on to another job several years later, Blanchard’s belief in the value of Volunteers for Youth has remained steady and his support has continued as a board member and volunteer.

Remembering the early days of Volunteers for Youth, it is the first volunteers that Blanchard recalls most vividly.  “Those volunteers had an indomitable spirit and would not be deterred from seeing their vision accomplished…serving the youth of Orange County with caring adult mentors.  I also remember the first training sessions for volunteer mentors. We were so excited!  That caring, determined spirit has obviously been continued by so many others for three decades. I am so proud to have been associated with the program that has continued to serve Orange County so consistently. Thanks to Susan Worley, the one constant, and her staff. Fantastic job!”

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