About Us


The focus of Volunteers for Youth is delinquency prevention. Through the mentoring program, community service program, and teen court program, Volunteers for Youth works to provide young people with the tools to become responsible adults.

Volunteers for Youth’s mission is to provide services to Orange County youth that help them become contributing members of the community by:

  • cultivating their strengths
  • encouraging positive relationships
  • developing their ability to make responsible choices.


Volunteers for Youth started in 1981 as a response to a need expressed by professionals in the Orange County court system. They determined that an effective tool for juvenile delinquency prevention is to pair high-risk youth with caring adult volunteers. From 1982 until 2009, Volunteers for Youth operated a mentoring program as part of the state-funded Governor’s One-on-One Volunteer initiative. After the state legislature discontinued funding for Governor’s One-on-One programs across the state, Volunteers for Youth has continued to run the mentoring program with the assistance of local municipalities and individual support.

In 1992, Volunteers for Youth developed the Juvenile Community Services and Restitution Program, through which delinquent youth pay back the community by completing community service hours at worksites throughout Orange County. Orange County Teen Court, an alternative court program for middle and high school students, has been coordinated by Volunteers for Youth since 2004. In Teen Court, first time offenders are tried and sentenced by a jury of their peers. Fellow students take on the roles of prosecutor, defense attorney, clerk, bailiff, and juror to conduct these proceedings.

Primary funding for the programs of Volunteers for Youth comes from the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, United Way of the Greater Triangle, the towns of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, private donations, and the revenue raised through the annual Larry Fedora Golf Tournament.


Advisory Council

Lynn Blanchard
Keith Cook
Hubert Davis
Pat Devine
Carl Fox
Kevin Foy

Board of Directors

VFY’s board of directors is made up of community volunteers who oversee the organization’s operations. Meetings are open to the public.

The Volunteers for Youth Board of Directors:

Skye MacLeod – President

Jared Cates – Treasurer

Melissa Payne – Secretary

Chris Blue

Al Bowers

Chandler Burns

Andy Chacos

Janet Elbetri

Walter Horton

Tim Hucks

Andre Richmond

Rick Steinbacher

Bob Ward