Chris Herring

November 30, 2012 | By More

M. Chris Herring has come a long ways from his days as a young rookie Chapel Hill police officer in the early 1980s.  Now an associate pastor, the Executive Director of the Institute for Homeland Security and Workforce Development at North Carolina Central University, a father and a mentor, Herring is a man with a full plate.  In spite of his responsibilities and the passage of time, Herring can still easily tick off the names of the four adolescent boys he mentored through Volunteers for Youth when the organization was just getting started.  Herring was eager to be involved with Volunteers for Youth because, in his police work, he saw the difference male role models can make for young men facing multiple challenges.  Along with being a mentor, Herring pitched in as a Volunteers for Youth board member , seeking volunteers at street fairs like Apple Chill, and helping raise money to get the fledgling organization on its feet.

“I’ve kept up with Volunteers for Youth through the years because I believe so strongly in the work they do.  I hope I had an impact on the four boys I mentored.  I know they had an impact on me and my life.  Through several moves and job changes, reaching the rank of police chief, since I was a Chapel Hill police officer so long ago, I’ve stayed in touch with Volunteers for Youth and feel a real sense of pride in all they’ve accomplished.  I think about how it all got started, with just one staff member and a handful of volunteers in a tiny office, and I’m amazed at how far the agency has come.”

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