Debbie Meyer

December 6, 2012 | By More

Debbie Meyer makes her home on a 17-acre horse farm on Jones Ferry Road.  With a husband, two small girls, four pot-bellied pigs, two horses, a mule, two dogs and seven cats, Meyer lives an idyllic, if busy, life.  Seventeen years ago, when Meyer first came to Volunteers for Youth as a mentor, she was in a very different place.  Meyer was going through a divorce and believed that one of the best things she could do to get through such a hard time was to get involved in new things where she was giving of herself.   That decision paid off.  Not only did Meyer make a lifelong friend in the girl she mentored, she went on to become the president of the Board of Directors of Volunteers for Youth as well.

Meyer reflects on how it all started.  “I found Volunteers for Youth and I can truly say that getting involved with them was the best medicine.  My mentee was eight when we started and she is now 25 and laughs about some of our early memories.  One time I took her for sushi and she never lets me forget that novel experience.  One of the most important things I learned about mentoring is that it isn’t about a lot of bells and whistles but providing a steady and heartfelt environment for a child. I cherish my continuing relationship with my mentee and love that my two daughters now know her and consider her family.  What I also learned from being a mentor is that it is not a one-way street. I didn’t just give of myself, I received so much by being involved in my mentee’s life and by interacting with the Volunteer for Youth staff.  It was not just about becoming a mentor but becoming a part of an organization that was made up of incredible people who were a pleasure to work with.  I believe if Executive Director Susan Worley was in charge of the world, well, we’d just be a better world.   Mentoring and being involved with VFY has been a seminal influence on my life and I credit it with giving me the experience and courage to become a foster parent in Orange County. “

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