Fan Huang

November 20, 2012 | By More

Stop by Hope Gardens off of Homestead Road on a busy Saturday morning and you are likely to see a slight young woman, who clearly knows her way around the garden, hard at work.  Hope Gardens is a community garden run by UNC students that serves as a worksite for Volunteers for Youth’s community service program.  Chapel Hill High senior Fan Huang has been volunteering at the community garden since she was first introduced to the site nearly three years ago through her participation at Volunteers for Youth.  With her years of experience at the garden, Fan now finds herself working with and instructing young people in the community service program.  Even as a young high school student, Fan has become such an integral part of Hope Gardens that she is featured on their website as “Volunteer of the Century.”

Fan remembers, “Volunteering at the garden was the best thing that has ever happened to me.  When I got there I thought it was fun and I just kept coming back.  I guess I haven’t stopped yet.  Through Volunteers for Youth, I met a group of really amazing people who I can work with and who will support me in anything that I do. Now I’m applying to college and they help me revise and edit my essays. And helping people makes me happy.”

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