Jacqueline Perez

November 22, 2012 | By More

Jacqueline Perez brings energy and commitment to everything she does.  As an Assistant Attorney General at the Medicaid Investigations Division of the North Carolina Department of Justice and a Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Middle and Eastern Districts of North Carolina, Perez needs that energy and drive, if only to recite her job title if nothing else!  Perez has always been drawn to working with youth and was fortunate to have that opportunity in college.  Once she graduated from UNC Law School and found herself working as a prosecutor in Orange County Juvenile Court, Perez learned about the work of Volunteers for Youth and became a valued member of the Board of Directors in 2008.

As Perez recalls, “As a prosecutor, I saw the important work VFY does with kids who are appearing in juvenile court.  I was honored to be recruited for the board.  What I’ve enjoyed during my time with VFY has been getting the opportunity to see the employees of VFY – who are so dedicated – enjoying their work with the kids.  My time with VFY has been very fulfilling.  I am so proud to have worked with so many good people for such an important cause.”


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