Jasmine Wade

November 28, 2012 | By More

Not much has come easily to Jasmine Wade but she is a young woman with a positive attitude and the confidence to overcome obstacles.  Wade first became familiar with Volunteers for Youth at the age of 14 when she got into some trouble and was assigned to Volunteers for Youth’s community service program.  She remembers working hard on renovating a home that had been damaged by fire.  After getting to know the organization well through that experience, Wade was happy to come back a couple of years later to work at Volunteers for Youth first as a summer youth intern and then as a girls’ group assistant.  A recent graduate of cosmetology school, Wade is looking forward to working in a salon and eventually owning her own shop.  Wade is the proud mother of a six-year-old son, Jalil, and looks forward to a solid future for herself and her son.

Wade credits Volunteers for Youth with recognizing her potential when she was young and is grateful to the staff.  “They are really good people.  Volunteers for Youth is the best.  They always have their doors open for everybody.  I love Volunteers for Youth.  ”

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