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December 15, 2012 | By More

The Division of Juvenile Justice has gone through many name changes over the years but the jobs of the court counselors who work there has remained consistent – overseeing young people who break the law and equipping them with the tools to make better choices in the future.   With Volunteers for Youth’s focus on delinquency prevention, there is an historic and natural partnership between the court counselors and the Volunteers for Youth staff, as both parties work to create a safe and healthy community for local youth.

In the early 1980s, Chief Court Counselor Harold Rogerson was a key figure in the creation of Volunteers for Youth, realizing that such an organization would provide valuable services for court-involved youth.  For many years after that, court counselors played a hands-on role in the life of the organization, serving on the Board of Directors, the mentor screening committee, speaking at volunteer trainings, and pitching in at Volunteers for Youth fundraisers.  Today the relationship has evolved into a more formal one but the strength of the partnership remains.

Court counselor Christy Watson explains, “VFY is vital to the success that Juvenile Justice youth experience. From accomplishing community service to serving on the Teen Court jury, these youth feel a sense of achievement. Sometimes it is their first encounter with that feeling and it’s all due to the dedication of the VFY staff.”

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