Marcia Davis

November 21, 2012 | By More

When Marcia Davis arrived in Chapel Hill seven years ago, she and her two children faced the challenge of starting a new life in a brand new place.  Marcia thought that the transition would be made easier if she could find a male role model for her 11-year-old son, Javaughn.  Betsy Booth, the school social worker at Estes Hills Elementary School, got Marcia in touch with Volunteers for Youth. Through the Volunteers for Youth mentoring program, Javaughn was introduced to a volunteer mentor, Dan Copeland, and six years later, the two are still good friends.  Marcia was impressed enough with Volunteers for Youth that she herself volunteered to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Marcia remembers, “Volunteers for Youth found the best mentor for Javaughn – almost like a father figure, brother, and friend wrapped into one.  Skin color, age, and all that didn’t matter, Dan was like family.  Dan is a source Javaughn can rely on, a positive person in Javaughn’s life.  When Javaughn falls out of line, Dan is always there as a support person, someone to rely on and talk with him.  I see a difference, the impact Dan has had, helping Javaughn learn right from wrong, sharing new experiences with him, doing things, going places.  That Javaughn is able to have a male figure in his life, to do things I can’t always do, and give him a different view of things, it’s just been great.”

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