Misty and Germeka

December 8, 2012 | By More

When Misty Bynum was a little girl growing up in Chapel Hill, her mother had a full plate as a single mom raising a family on her own.  When Bynum was matched with a mentor through Volunteers for Youth, it was a relief to her mother knowing that Bynum would be in good hands.  More than twenty years later, Bynum enjoys looking back on the good times she enjoyed with her mentor, June.  “June and I did so many things together.  She would take me home with her and we would watch movies and cook and she’d help me with my homework.  June was like a second mother to me.”

Even though June moved to Maryland some time ago, Bynum has kept up with her mentor through the years.  Now a mother of four, Bynum finds herself in circumstances similar to her own mom’s, as she herself balances the demands of a full household.  With so much on Bynum’s schedule, she was thrilled when her own daughter, Germeka was introduced to a Volunteers for Youth mentor, Caroline, a UNC student.  Germeka is the same age Bynum was when she spent time as a little girl with June.   Germeka and Caroline enjoy many of the same sorts of activities that June and Misty once did.  Germeka lights up talking about Caroline and some of their shared experiences, working on art projects, visiting together in Caroline’s dorm room, and going to see The Nutcracker.  Germeka succinctly sums up what her time with Caroline has meant to her, “We just have fun together.”

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