Nannie Johnson

November 17, 2012 | By More

In the late 1990s, when Nannie Johnson found herself unexpectedly raising four grandchildren, she was also working full-time and caring for her ill husband. Any ordinary person might have been overwhelmed, but Johnson has an optimistic attitude that’s characterized by her favorite expression “yes, indeedy!”  Johnson’s can-do approach has benefited her family through stressful times. She also credits Volunteers for Youth for stepping in when times were tough. Two of Johnson’s grandchildren were matched with mentors through Volunteers for Youth and those mentors, Aldo Rustioni and Liz Miller, remain a part of the family today.

Johnson remembers, “Aldo and Liz were both such a personal help to me with sharing their time and experiences and giving me a break at times. Aldo and Liz helped the kids become more mature and independent and helped guide them into being young men and women. Aldo and Liz felt like an extended brother and sister, there to help me and the kids. I remember Saturday mornings were my day to rest. One Saturday morning Liz came over, got the kids together and they all prepared breakfast for the family, pancakes, eggs, the whole thing. It was so nice, and then we all sat and ate and talked like family. I made a birthday cake for Liz that year, to show my appreciation. Volunteers for Youth does such a great job of finding people and matching them up right, I am so thankful!  Yes, indeedy.”

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