SMART Mentoring

SMART Mentoring

Volunteers For Youth (VFY) is fortunate to partner with University of North Carolina undergraduate students through the Stimulating Mental Awareness Relating to Teens (SMART) Mentoring program. SMART Mentors are matched with youth in September and continue developing a relationship with their mentee for a minimum of 7 months. In addition to making a mentoring commitment students also enroll in an accompanying three-credit sociology course during the Fall and a one-credit sociology course in the Spring.

SMART Mentor requirements are:

  • Complete an application and possible interview
  • Attend program orientation upon acceptance
  • Attend mentor/mentee match meeting
  • Complete SOCI 444 and SOCI 397
  • Participate in two of three on-going mentoring training workshop sessions
  • Complete 45 hours of one-on-one time with mentee
  • Motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of youth

Hear from program directors, mentors, mentees and others in this video about SMART Mentoring.

Here’s what people are saying about us:

“I feel much more connected to the community and I care more about the town’s policies because they affect my mentee.” – Patrick Mateer ’15 (Mentor)

“I am participating in [SMART] because I recognize the positive effects a mentor can have on young people and I would like to be that positive role model in someone’s life. I hope to gain a friend, someone I will be able to continue to have relationship with after I graduate and into his teenage and adult years.” – Tavaris Baxter ’14 (Mentor)


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