Teen Court Application

Volunteers are encouraged to apply at any time but must have their application approved by the coordinator before coming to Teen Court. If you are 13 or older and interested in volunteering with Teen Court, click here for a Youth Volunteer Application. Community members and prospective volunteers are welcome to observe Teen Court, but please contact the Teen Court Coordinator prior to observing. Though Teen Court welcomes observers, proceedings are confidential and therefore, an Oath of Confidentiality must be taken before observing Teen Court.

Applicants who are 13 or 14 years old and wish to serve as an attorney (recommendations are not needed if you wish only to serve as a juror), must also have a recommendation from a teacher, boss, coach, etc. The recommendation cannot come from someone you are closely related to or a friend who is close in age. The recommendation form can be found here. Once you have completed your application, please turn it in to the Teen Court Coordinator, Kate Giduz. You may fax, scan and email, mail or turn in the application in person. Your reference should turn the recommendation form in directly to the Teen Court Coordinator.

Applicants must serve as jurors before they go through attorney training. Attorney trainings are held 2-4 times a year.

Fax: (919) 967-4540
Email: kate@volunteersforyouth.org
Address: Orange County Teen Court
205 Lloyd St., Suite 103
Carrboro, NC 27510