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Everyone who knows Stanley Peele knows that there is no one else quite like him.  Peele has played a role in the history of Volunteers for Youth that is also like no other.  A retired judge and long-time Chapel Hill resident, Peele was an integral player in the establishment of Volunteers for Youth in the early 1980s, served as a mentor to countless young men over the years, volunteered with Teen Court, and served on the organization’s board.   Peele himself sums up his experiences with the organization with a story told in his own inimitable style.

  A Frisky Little Brother

Once upon a time, ‘bout 28 years ago, thar wus an ol’ bald-headed codger, name of Peele.  He had a li’l brother, name of Randy, who wus a mite frisky.  Peele & Randy had been matched for a while and Randy’s family moved into a new home.

Peele asked Randy, “Where is your new home?”

Randy was not known for giving clear directions.  “Well,” he said, “You know where the Jones family live.  Well you start there and . . . .”

 “Wait!” says Peele, “I have no idea whatever ‘bout the Jones family.”

Whereupon Randy is sorely perplexed by Peele’s ignorance, ‘cause everybody knows where the Jones family is.  The two then have a lively discussion, generously punctuated by various rude remarks about Peele’s lack of geographical knowledge.

Well, ‘bout a half-hour later, Peele has learned that not all teenagers have a good sense of direction.   So he goes to Randy’s mother, and asks her how to get to their new home.

“Well,” she says, “You start at the Jones house, and then you . . . . . .  So, ol’ Peele learns that not all women have a good sense of direction.  (Remember, in those days, there were no personal computers, no map quest.)

A few days later, it was time for another visit with Randy.  Armed with some mysterious squiggles, Peele ventured forth to find Randy’s home, which is way back in the woods.  After driving a considerable distance, and making many turns, Peele spots a house.  It looks like the house Randy described.  There was no mailbox and no sign.  The long driveway is muddy and has pot-holes, so he gets out of his car and starts walking up the driveway.  He is feeling nervous, because he is not sure that this is Randy’s home, and he knows some folks do not take kindly to strangers walking up their driveway.

It is quite a little way.  Ah! A head appears, sticking out sideways from the back of the house.  It is Randy!  Whew!

Peele starts to say hello, but before he can utter a word, Randy yells, “HEY, PAW, GET DA SHOTGUN!  SOME VARMINT IS A-COMIN’ UP DA DRIVEWAY!!”

That was the day that two things happened:

1.  Peele jus’ ‘bout wet his pants.

2.  He said to himself, “Peele, if you ever again agree to take on another little brother you will surely be taken to the asylum!”

Sho’ nuff.

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