Steven Moore

December 10, 2012 | By More

Steven Moore doesn’t have to look far to call up memories of his days with Volunteers for Youth.  He only has to glance at the photograph at his mom’s house to remember the day he watched a UNC basketball game from the fifth row, center court of the Dean Dome with Volunteers for Youth staff member, Scott Dreyer.  Not only did Moore enjoy great seats that day, it was also a memorable one because he got to meet Julius Peppers.  Now a senior at Fayetteville State University, preparing to graduate with a criminal justice degree in May, Moore has many adult responsibilities, including his one-year-old namesake son, Steven III.  With two years of football eligibility remaining, Moore is hoping to continue his schooling, pursuing a graduate degree while playing football.

Looking back on his childhood, Moore recalls many good times with Volunteers for Youth, where he participated in several programs.  “We always had fun going to things like bowling, the golf clinic, and football and basketball games, and even meeting a few celebrities along the way.  Coming from a single parent home, Volunteers for Youth provided activities that gave me time to get out and do different things.  It had a positive impact on me, helping me become a man while having a good time, trying new things, and enjoying what life has to offer.”

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