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November 29, 2012 | By More

In the low-paying nonprofit sector, staff retention can be a challenge.  At Volunteers for Youth though, the four current staff members have been on the job for a combined 46 years.  Why do Amy Fischer, Nicole Hunter, Scott Dreyer, and Susan Worley continue to be energized and inspired by their jobs after so many years?

Part of the answer lies in Volunteers for Youth’s focus on relationships – relationships with volunteers, youth, families, colleagues, board members, and staff.  Developing those relationships in a supportive environment is one reason that the four long-time employees find real pleasure in their work.

As Scott Dreyer, community service coordinator, puts it, “One of the things that is especially fun is hearing from people years later about how they’re doing now and how much they appreciate the time they spent with Volunteers for Youth.  This organization has been such a part of the community for so long that we have a real connection to all sorts of different people.”

Another explanation lies in the worthwhile nature of the work.  Feeling effective on the job can be a recipe for workplace happiness.

“This is a job that makes you feel you make an actual difference,” said Nicole Hunter, community service coordinator and leader of the Every Girl Counts girls group.  “Every small success you see leaves you feeling good knowing you had some part in it.  Each time one of the kids we work with does well, we all feel like winners.”

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